Surrounding beaches


The climate in this part of the Costa Blanca, according to many informed sources is one of the most beneficial in Europe, if not the world!

The summers are excellent, with temperatures rising to a peak of about 30 degrees centigrade or more, in August, as you would expect.

The winters are also warm with mainly sunny days although it does get a little colder in the evenings for about three months of the year. Rainfall is limited throughout the whole year.


The beautiful coast of the province of Alicante is called "Costa Blanca" (The White Coast), due to the fact that the sand on the beaches is white. The beaches are well maintained and some have been awarded the coveted Blue Flag by the European Community.

Within a short distance (2 to 3Km) from the Villa there are a number of beaches where you can enjoy swimming in the warm sea. Thanks to our location further into the Mediterranean Sea, the water is considerably warmer than that of the Costa del Sol where the close proximity of the cold Atlantic Ocean affects the temperature of that part of the Mediterranean.



Sports and recreation
Much of a holiday on the Costa Blanca will be spent on one of the wonderful beaches and there are hundreds of miles of them. Most of the major resorts have facilities for water sports such as skiing, boating, jet-skiing etc and several have diving and snorkelling available. Skuba-diving has taken off in a big way on the Costa Blanca. Wind surfing is one of Spain's fastest growing sports and on this coast it is very popular.
Inland from the Costa Blanca there are so many different aspects of Spain, including castles and churches, tiny restaurants in the middle of nowhere and quaint villages where goat herders still worked the hillsides. Along the coast there are many quiet bays and coves that are deserted and untouched by tourism, long, crowded beaches of pure, golden sand and bustling holiday resorts, crammed with happy holiday-makers. Such a diversity in one area is to say the least, impressive.






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